Rubi & Pablo

Hoping to Adopt (Puerto Rico)


Christmas at the Georgia Mountains

We spent this Christmas with our family (Rubi’s side of the family) in Blue Ridge, GA. We stayed at a beautiful cabin, went hiking, had a delicious Christmas eve dinner and enjoyed a lot of time together. We had a great time. There’s nothing like family to us! From left to right: My Dad, my sister and brother in law, Pablo and our nephew Sergio, me, my Mom and our niece Ivanna. -Rubi

Summer vacation

We just got home from our road trip along Route 66, detours included. We started our journey in Oklahoma, drove down to Amarillo, TX. All the way down to New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and ended in the Santa Monica Pier in California. Road trips are our favorite vacations! We had so much fun, we can’t wait to add a little one in all our adventures!

Our very special neighbor

This is baby Luke, our youngest neighbor, every afternoon he comes on his little bike to train on our drive way. We are pretty sure he’ll be the best cyclist. Right now he is definitely the cutest!

Puerto Rico: A paradise we're lucky to call home!

As you might have heard Puerto Rico is an Island in the Caribbean, with beautiful beaches and gorgeous mountains. This is us living it up!

Quarantine baking...

Hi, Today is our 36th day of lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak. During this month and a half we have been both working from home and cooking a lot, I mean a lot! Every meal is like an adventure for us, from BBQ ribs to BBQ shrimp, to homemade Pizza (Pablo’s specialty) to pasta carbonara. Tonight we were craving something sweet so Pablo made these delicious Oatmeal Raisin cookies. They tasted amazing and the smell throughout the house was very pleasant. -Rubi 

Our Sweet Dog

Our precious pup is named Cosmo and he is a big boned Yellow Labrador Retriever. He is 4 years old, is very playful, likes to sleep a lot and play with his toys. He enjoys playing with our nieces and nephews while playfully chasing them around the house. Cosmo is always by Rubi's side... always! We love him beyond words because he is such a big part of our family.

Our Home

Our home has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. We have two living rooms, a family room, a terrace and a beautiful yard. Our house is located in a gated community in the suburbs of a major metropolitan city in Puerto Rico. Our community consists of a small number of townhouses, which keeps the feel of community tight-knit. We have a huge local park with tennis courts, a basketball court, walking trail, and kids play area that can be accessed through our backyard. We are only walking distance to movie theaters, restaurants and shops. The beach is only a 10 minute drive from our home. Our neighborhood consists of families who originally bought their houses when the community was built and newer young families who have moved in since. One of our favorite things about our community is that all the kids growing up here essentially have around 15 grandparents because of the older couples in our community!

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